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Final Fantasy VII Claimage
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Where fans of Final Fantasy VII can claim anything, and everything from the FFVII world.
FFVII_CLAIMAGE includes - Final Fantasy VII the original game, as well as...
Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII; Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and Dirge of Cerberus; Lost Episode.


Community Created 10-06-09
Last Updated 10-11-09



Please, keep in mind that these are just to start. RULES are SUBJECT to CHANGE, at ANY TIME. The mod suggests, no, the mod implores that you make sure to check back from time to time; the mod will not be held responsible should you miss something, if you fail to do so. The mod will make it a priority to post a entry in the community itself when the changes/alters do occur.

Very well. Now that, that is settled, let’s get on with the actual rules, shall we?

1. Post a NEW ENTRY each time you add claims. Post ALL CLAIMS in alphabetical order UNDER an lj cut. TAG IT WITH !IWANTTOCLAIM!. Don't post claims in comments.


3. You MUST remain a member of the community. If you leave, your claims will be deleted and available to claim by other users.

4. If you SWITCH journals and want to KEEP your claim please post an NEW ENTRY stating that you are switching, so that all the changes can be made.

5. When you want, if you ever want to that is, DROP A CLAIM, post a new entry stating WHAT YOU ARE DROPPING, TAG IT WITH !DROPPING!. You MAY DROP A CLAIM in EXCHANGE FOR A NEW ONE, IF the claim you want to exchange your dropped one with is AVAILABLE.

6. Please LET THE MOD KNOW you have received the approval/validation of your claim. A simple “Thanks” will suffice.

7. ADVERTISMENTS for anything having to do with, anything OTHER than FINAL FANTASY VII and it’s prequels/sequels/midquels ARE. NOT. ALLOWED. When you do post adds, TAG YOUR POST WITH !ADVERTISMENT!.

8. LINKING BACK to the community is MANDATORY and it MUST BE PUBLICLY DISPLAYED. You will be given 2 DAYS from WHEN YOUR CLAIM is ADDED to the CLAIMS LIST to LINK BACK. You MUST RESPOND to your ORIGINAL claim post stating WHEN YOU HAVE ADDED the link back. If you fail to do so, your claim WILL BE DELETED and up for anyone else to claim.


10. If you have trouble following/understanding any rules/guidelines posted here PLEASE do not hesitate to PM the mod with what is confusing you. The mod will gladly try and help you or even alter the rules themselves, if more than a few users are confused. The mod himself is somewhat of a perfectionist, he can be likely to guarantee that the changes WILL be made.


Each member gets only 1 SINGLE claim, in Characters and Weapons. NO EXPECTIONS.

In Creatures, Locations, Items, and Pairings, YOU CAN ONLY CLAIM 3 in each of those categories.

In the Locations and Items catergories, EVERYONE and ANYONE is allowed to claim Locations and Items other users have claimed, but again ONLY 3. However, Items that CANNOT BE DUPLICATED as in a Characters PHS/Cell Phone, or Trademark Accessory, etc, can ONLY BE CLAIMED BY 1 USER.

In the Creatures category, every Summon and Boss cannot be claimed by more than one user, everything else can.

In the Pairings category, you can claim 1 SINGLE pairing as your OTP (one true pairing) as well as 2 OTHER MINOR pairings, OR you can just simply claim THREE pairings; the decision is yours. Also, the Pairings category EVERYONE and ANYONE is allowed to claim Pairings, that have already been claimed by another user.

If you have already claimed the very thing you are trying to claim here in this community, more than once, in a different community, you will not be allowed to claim it here. Once again, NO EXCEPTIONS. BE HONEST. If the mod finds out that you have lied and have claimed/tried to claim something you’ve already claimed once. YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE COMMUNITY.

Once something is claimed, that’s it. It’s taken. However, (please keep in mind that the following applies to Characters and Weapons, ONLY) if you would like to challenge the user that has claimed what you had wanted to claim, you are welcome to do so. If you want to challenge a user, please refer to the CHALLENGE GUIDELINES at the bottom of this page on that matter.


1. Characters - Cloud, Tifa, Zack, Aerith, Sephiroth, Vincent, etc.
2. Creatures - ALL Summons, Monsters, Bosses, etc.
3. Items - ALL items in the Final Fantasy VII world.
4. Locations; Place of Residence - ALL places in the Final Fantasy VII world.
5. Weapons - Swords, Staffs, Gloves, Guns, etc.
6. Pairings - ALL pairings, Het, Yuri, Yaoi, etc.

If there is any other Categories you would like the mod to add feel free to PM him and he will decide whether or not they will be added to the list.


To initiate a challenge you MUST follow these guidelines.

Post a new entry in the community, TAG IT WITH !CHALLENGE!, stating in the post that you would like to challenge a user for one of their claims that they have here in the community. State the name of the user and the name of the Character or Weapon you are challenging the user for. You can only challenge the user for one or the other, NEVER both.

In most cases, the mod, will demand the user to accept the challenge or face the consequences and lose their claim with out having the opportunity to try and keep it.

The challenge itself will consist of, a brief (at least two good paragraphs) but nevertheless very convincing, written essay on why you, the challenger, think you are the better person to claim the Character or Weapon, over the other user. The mod strongly suggests if you are challenging the user for a Character, you also write about the Character themselves. A Character background of sorts. The mod be more likely to be swayed to your side, if you do so, and if you make it convincing.

The challenged, will of course, have a chance to counter the challenger. Basically, you reply to their post with a new post of your own. If they have challenged you over a Character you can write a counter essay, in the same way as the challenger has, at least two good paragraphs on why you think you are the better person to claim the Character over the other user, and a brief Character background.

At the end, for now, the result of who will end up with the claim rests entirely on the mod’s, decision. Once more members start to join, the mod may open it up and allow the members themselves to vote on who better deserves the claim, based on the reasoning’s as well as the essays of the Character’s background.

You may challenge the mod for one of their claims, but the decision ULTIMATELY rests with the mod himself, on whether or not he will give up his claim.