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Hey, how's it going? Just wanted to take the time to warn say, I'm still fairly new to the way communities work... To be honest, I'm still fairly new to the way lj itself works. But hey, practice makes perfect, right? Well, in most cases it does...

Anyway! I plan on having this community up and running ASAP. If any of you out there would like to become a second mod (I'd really like to have someone with a bit more experience, preferably) send a to PM this community, my community mod lj, or to my personal lj, and we'll get to talking. Other than that feel free to watch, and be on the look out for when I open up the membership.

Speaking of that. The community itself won't be completely OPEN until I get some rules/guidelines written out, and I kind of wanted to try and make some mediocre decent graphics to post as link back graphics when someone claims something here. At the very least, some for the characters themselves.

Which brings me to my next request, if any of you amazingly talented (although, I could be just as talented if I went and bought myself some new software) icon/banners/graphics makers would like to make this community some kick ass things of that sort, (I'd try to do something as equally as generous in return, of course) send a PM to my community mod lj, or my personal lj about that, as well.

Hmmm. Is that all? I suppose so for now... Thanks for stopping by!

- [info]ffviic_mod
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