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lol I is first to claim?

Character - Sephiroth
Creature - Odin, Bahamut, Genesis Avatar
Location - Midgar, Nibelheim, Cosmo Canyon
Weapon - Cloud's First Tsurugi aka the Fusion Swords
Pairings - Zack/Cloud as OTP
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It's one of those 'Cloud gets sent back in time to change things' fics, but it's so much more than that. Yeah it can get a bit wordy and confusing from time to time, but I adore the characterisation, and the idea of Genesis mentoring Cloud is certainly something new lol. There's no romance, but I love the relationships being set up between all the characters.

Angeal is awesome, but yet again Squeenix made him appear only to desert just a couple of missions later. :/ I love how close he is to both Genesis and Zack, and seeing Zack's reaction to his death was almost as sad as the ending to me.

I'm kinda wondering if somehow for the inevitable remake they'll add some additional stuff to help tie the FFVII game in more with the Compilation, but ehh, I'm not too sure how that would work.

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Well see I got into FFVII via Advent Children and then Crisis Core, so it was the opposite for me, I went into playing the original game knowing pretty much everything before and after it lol.

lol as long as they don't suddenly make Safer Sephiroth as hard to beat as Minerva I'm fine with it XD